Prayer to Break Down Walls






Heaven has answers to all problems for which many people never bothered to ask. A life without prayer is comparable to a body that has been paralyzed. Prayer provides the mechanism to control one’s destiny. There is much to gain in prayer. Those who do not know the secret of prayer or chose not to pray cannot complain about their situation. Failure to pray is a reluctance to gain power. When there is nowhere else to go, the best thing is to be on your knees and turn to prayer, believing by faith that God is in action Praying is a discipline. Unwilling to act before God acts. As the Bible teaches about the benefits of prayer, the spirit tells us of the danger of lack of prayer. In this book, you will learn how to fight when you need to fight. Plunder when you need to plunder rebel when you have to rebel against evil edicts, harvest as you go along and nothing shall stand in your way You would no longer have to run a long way in the wrong direction The next thirty days is guaranteed to change your life for the best.

When you follow the recommended dosage in this prayer book you would experience a serious shaking in every department of your life through the power of prayer that will shake the foundation of your life

About the Author

Pastor Ade Oyeyemi an Accountant by training, Is an Evangelist, he was the first Pastor of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries in Los Angeles, California




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