742 Prayers to affirm that I am Born to Win




The devil did not conceive the idea of your being and was not part of your destiny. You reserve the right to deny the devil any area of your life because you are born to overcome any battle. When the devil comes to harass you, remind yourself and tell the devil “but I am born to win, that is my name.” So when it feels like the whole world is against you, when seemingly unconquerable battles stand like a Goliath before you, when fear of court cases fills your heart, and the diagnosis of ailment keeps you awake all night, one thing is indisputable, you are born to win.

The prayers that are in this book are meant to serve as a daily reminder of who you are – the one who has the love of God all over him/her. The love of God never ceases, even when you are not at your best, even when you disobey Him. That love can never change. Your bad behavior cannot alter it.

Your own righteousness cannot increase it, and it is not earned by personal effort. It is not based on your failure or success. God’s love is true and abundant. God loves us over the mountains and the valleys of life. His love writes out in big letters “BORN TO WIN”. May you find your peace in the love of God through the prayers in this book.

About the Author

Pastor Ade Oyeyemi is an Evangelist. An Accountant by profession, He was the first Pastor of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries in Los Angeles, California. He is the Senior Pastor of Blood of Jesus Prayer and Deliverance Ministries (BOJ) with the Headquarters in Los Angeles, California. He was mentored by De Jack Hayford, a former International President of Foursquare at the Jack W. Hayford School of Pastoral Nurture in Van Nuys,


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